Yesterday, my girls and I walked to our local park.

I lay in the sun while my big girl played on all the equipment.

My little girl was afraid of the bulldozers nearby, so she chose to sit with me. She wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous with all the loud noises going on, so she chose to stay as close to her safe place as possible: me.

We just lay there, soaking up the sun. Not looking at the time or checking the phone.

There was nothing particularly extraordinary about it all. In fact, it was pretty ordinary.



And I loved it.

Sometimes, I get this funny sense of nostalgia. I feel a sadness tugging at me inside, and I start missing these moments before they’ve even gone.

These ordinary days.

I already miss them, even as I’m living them.


The way my lap can fit my little one so perfectly, yet still have room for my big girl to come and jump in. One day, my lap won’t be able to contain the both of them.

The way my girls fight over who gets to hold mama’s hand. One day, they may not want to hold my hand in public.

The way they marvel over every bug, every truck, every siren, every dog that passes by. Over time, the world will encourage them to lose their sense of awe and wonder.

The way they shriek when I pretend to chase them. One day they will outgrow their mama’s games.

The way they say hi to everyone who walks by, without hesitation. Over time, they will realize that most adults don’t do that.

These ordinary days with my girls. These are the times I will miss.

I know these are the times I will look back in years to come, and long for just one more moment.

So, I’m making the most of them now.


There’s a world out there vying for every last bit of my attention.

There’s a world out there telling me these ordinary moments are not enough.

There’s a world out there saying there are more important things to be done.

But these ordinary days? I choose them. I choose to focus on what’s in front of me.

I want my girls to look back on their childhood and know mama was here and present for them.

So really, these ordinary days, they’re anything but ordinary.


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